[Phpwm] symfony related records

Andy Cowan andyc at waverider.net.uk
Fri Feb 8 18:19:48 GMT 2008

Hi All,

Anyone else using the symfony framework?

If so, how do you deal with related records that are several tables away in the model? For example, say I have the following structure:


And I want to get all the items that a user has ordered? The obvious first attempt is to use


But after thinking about it for 2 seconds, it’s clear this won’t work – getOrders() returns an array of order objects.

I can think of several ways of doing it – all of them seem wrong, and I can’t help thinking that there’s a right way that’s better than the way I’m going.

Use $this->getOrders() and foreach over the results doing getItems()? Very inefficient.

Use raw sql in the actions.class.php? Again, seems like a dirty hack.

I’ve resorted to adding a getItems() method of my own to the  user class, but again this just seems to be bypassing the ORM.

Any ideas?


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