[Phpwm] Recommendations for Hosting

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Tue Feb 26 07:39:13 GMT 2008

Tony Lovering wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a good hosting company?
> I need a company that can offer both shared and dedicated hosts with 
> tightly administered servers and a professional administration to ensure 
> that all known vulnerabilities and holes are patched and closed and 
> regularly checking of intrusion detection and other system logs for 
> operational irregularities and oddities.
> Oh, and they mustn't cost the earth!

I've just got to the same point :)

The ADSL line here is becoming overloaded so I need a bit more bandwidth. SDSL 
is not available, but at £200 per month a machine somewhere else is looking 
attractive. ( The other quote for a line was £36k per year ... )

Personally I need something that will support a current Apache/PHP set-up 
along with Firebird. I'd prefer an AMD64 based Linux machine, but that seems 
as elusive as shared hosting of a REAL database like Firebird ;)

Current short list is Fasthosts down at Gloucester. I know WHERE it is does 
not matter, but I've 30Gb of data to push in initially, so dropping DVD's down 
seems a good idea.

Any body got a better option?

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