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David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
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| The ADSL line here is becoming overloaded so I need a bit more
| bandwidth. SDSL is not available, but at £200 per month a machine
| somewhere else is looking attractive. ( The other quote for a line was
| £36k per year ... )
| Personally I need something that will support a current Apache/PHP
| set-up along with Firebird. I'd prefer an AMD64 based Linux machine, but
| that seems as elusive as shared hosting of a REAL database like
Firebird ;)
| Current short list is Fasthosts down at Gloucester. I know WHERE it is
| does not matter, but I've 30Gb of data to push in initially, so dropping
| DVD's down seems a good idea.

Get a dedicated box with Bytemark.  They do AMD64 etc. If money is a
real issue, consider using a virtual machine (also from Bytemark, and
migration between the two is easy).

(If you need support from a Linux sysadmin point of view, come and
hassle me off list.)

See : http://www.bytemark.co.uk and

I've never heard anyone say anything bad about them, I've been using
them for a number of years; they're very approachable, know what they're
talking about and helpful. They are relatively small (5-6 employees, I
think), so you do get that personal touch, as opposed to e.g. fasthosts.


p.s. If you decide to go with them, tell them I'm your referrer and I'll
get a tiny discount in the future. :)

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