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Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Wed Jan 9 12:08:48 GMT 2008

Anyone got an idea how to do this..........

My Linux machine (OpenSuse 10.3) has an ATI PCI graphics card in it, works
Since I can't get the ISA sound card that was fitted to work I took it out
and put a PCI soundblaster card in instead.
That worked straight off.
To do this I have had to take out the ethernet card, which although its got
wifi working on it I would prefer left in. The reason for this is the wifi
stuff had to be compiled into the kernel and it will probably stop working
should an update come in, thus loosing connectivity.
Now the mainboard does have an AGP slot, and I do have a lurking AGP card
(Diamond A90 AGP 16Mb)...........

So if I take out the PCI graphics card and fit the AGP it boots up fine but
ends at a command prompt - no GUI (KDE) as I guess it is set for the other
With both cards fitted it boots on the AGP one, then scoots over to the PCI
one for the GUI - and works fine.
However if I go into Sax2, the graphics setup bit, its only telling me it
sees the PCI card, I've no way to access the AGP card, configure it, set it
to primary, get KDE to use it.
There doesnt seem to be a generic just boot / safe mode type system here
that will run on any video card present then re-setup like I would do in

I've spent a bit of time on Google for this, but gotten nowhere.


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