[Phpwm] MySQL 3!!!

Richard Harrison catchall at rjharrison.org
Wed Jan 9 13:58:10 GMT 2008

That sucks.

Could there be a liability issue in here somewhere?

I'd be uncomfortable developing for an unsupported / unavailable piece 
of software.


pete graham wrote:
> We suspect its some old version of Redhat. Personally I'd be much
> happier if we were doing the hosting, but it has already been decided.
> Originally they wanted the site done in ASP so I guess I should be
> happy that we got to use PHP at all!
> Pete
> On 09/01/2008, Phil Beynon <phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk> wrote:
>>> I'm about to start work on a website for a client, annoyingly the
>>> client is hosting the site and they have php 4.3.2 and mysql 3.23.58
>>> on their server (strop has already been thrown).
>>> To set up the dev environment quickly I was going to switch XAMPP on
>>> my machine to PHP4 but I will also need to install a windows version
>>> of mysql 3, anyone know where to get this? I don't seem to be able to
>>> find it on Google.
>>> Alternatively I am going to have to get mysql 3 installed on one of
>>> our old dev servers (linux), even our oldest server runs mysql 4.1.20
>>> Thanks, Pete
>> What are they hosting on that has a version that old - it looks like the
>> base s/w load on a Cobalt Raq - but if it is then its completely unpatched.
>> Lowest I have installed is MySQL 4.0.24 if thats any use.
>> If it's their server why not upgrade it for them - or if its a hosting
>> company then lets all have a laugh at their expense!
>> Phil
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