[Phpwm] MySQL 3!!!

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Wed Jan 9 14:10:14 GMT 2008

pete graham wrote:
> We suspect its some old version of Redhat. Personally I'd be much
> happier if we were doing the hosting, but it has already been decided.
> Originally they wanted the site done in ASP so I guess I should be
> happy that we got to use PHP at all!
> Pete
> On 09/01/2008, Phil Beynon <phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk> wrote:
>>> I'm about to start work on a website for a client, annoyingly the
>>> client is hosting the site and they have php 4.3.2 and mysql 3.23.58
>>> on their server (strop has already been thrown).
>>> To set up the dev environment quickly I was going to switch XAMPP on
>>> my machine to PHP4 but I will also need to install a windows version
>>> of mysql 3, anyone know where to get this? I don't seem to be able to
>>> find it on Google.
>>> Alternatively I am going to have to get mysql 3 installed on one of
>>> our old dev servers (linux), even our oldest server runs mysql 4.1.20
>>> Thanks, Pete
>> What are they hosting on that has a version that old - it looks like the
>> base s/w load on a Cobalt Raq - but if it is then its completely unpatched.
>> Lowest I have installed is MySQL 4.0.24 if thats any use.
>> If it's their server why not upgrade it for them - or if its a hosting
>> company then lets all have a laugh at their expense!

I'd seriously suggest walking away.

The security vulnerabilities in that old a set-up would only be acceptable if 
it's not actually connected to the internet.
I'm finding customers who refused to accept Linux a few years ago are now 
actively migrating problem Windows servers to it, but you need to be running 
the latest versions to ensure safety of the systems and half of the reason for 
changing is to improve server security.

And PHP4 is not recommended for new work now that it's finally been frozen 
ready to be end of lifed.

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