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| Hi Peter, Cheers - that very nearly worked! Turned out also that the
| item in that section "BusID" was important - it was set to 0:15:0 and
| needed to be changed to 01:00:0 These numbers being the (base 10
| vesions of the) card's position in the system bus based upon the
| output of the lspci command. So KDE is happy again and the PCI card
| now removed.
| Interestingly though, I set the "Boardname" and "Vendorname" in the
| xorg.conf when I look at the card in YasT then it is still saying
| Boardname is "Mach64 VT" and Vendorname is "ATI" and driver unknown.
|  I tried changing screen res to see if this refreshed anything, but
| it didnt make any difference. So I'd guess that the cards settings
| are also stored elsewhere in a different .conf file. Is there a
| routine anywhere, command line or whatever that will force it to
| reassess the installed card type as it did this somewhere on install?

xorg.conf is the only place X looks for config (normally).

It does attempt to probe the card/monitors, and tries to determine if
any of the specified combinations can work etc.

You may find you need to specify vertical and horizontal refresh rates
to make it do something (I do one some monitors we have).


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