[Phpwm] file upload complete?

Dave Holmes dave at neteffekt.co.uk
Wed Jul 2 15:48:52 BST 2008

The following seems to work for us in one of our FTP import routines we 
check the file size with a sleep in the middle

H:i:s') . " - Import file found, checking for completed upload - " . 

                                    $first_file_size = 
                                    $this->write_debug("Initial filesize 
- " . $first_file_size);


                                    $compare_file_size = 
H:i:s') . " - compare filesize - " . $compare_file_size);

                                    # Only continue if the filesizes 
have not changed
                                    if ($first_file_size == 
$compare_file_size) {
                                        # Should be safe to import, we 
need to work out what type of file this is
unchanged the file will be processed");

Alex Mace wrote:
> I haven't personally tried using feof in that situation, so I couldn't 
> tell you for sure, but I don't think that it would work.
> Perhaps checking the modification time to see if it's changed in the 
> last (say) 5 minutes and ignoring it if it has until that time has 
> passed would be a better solution? Or use an FTP server that you can 
> script to move completed uploads to another location?
> Alex
> On 2 Jul 2008, at 15:40, alan dunn wrote:
>> We have zip files being uploaded to an FTP folder from various 
>> laptops. We then plan to open those files using a cron job. My 
>> concern is that we shouldn't try to open and process a file before 
>> upload is complete.
>> Is it OK to just use  feof = true going to do this or do we need to 
>> be more thorough?
>> Are there methods of monitoring a file to see when upload is complete 
>> and then switching on the next stage of the process?
>> thanks, alan dunn
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