[Phpwm] Help!

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Fri Mar 28 13:45:24 GMT 2008

> Hello,
> Firstly, let me apologise if my request is not appropriate for this
> list: I hope it is.
> I am very frustrated. I have created a site for a local (not-for-profit)
> association using Joomla.
> The site appears fine, until I apply any formatting to content - even a
> paragraph return causes failure.
> On clicking 'save' the site returns to the root directory - effectively
> logging out of the admin section. The changes are not saved.
> I installed new files to upgrade the version last night, it did not
> help.
> It seems to me that either the php file is corrupt, or the coding is
> wrong. Given all the php files were replaced, it seems odd. So I wonder
> if an extension is conflicting.
> No response on the Joomla forum and nothing found searching their site.
> Obviously this is not common to Joomla, or no-one would use it.
> Can anyone point me towards a solution?
> Thanks for your help, and again, I apologise if this message is not
> appropriate to this group.
> David

Welcome to the list etc......

Do you actually know the server you host on supports or has PHP enabled on 
the virtual site?

Migt as well start off easy here - make a straight forward page test.php and 
just do a line saying phpinfo();

If that doesnt work you dont have PHP available................



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