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Thu Sep 25 09:02:10 UTC 2008

=2C I=92d<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B say the most important thing we look for is hone=
sty and whether the<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B candidate will gel into our team. I do=
n=92t expect that someone is going to<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B have all the skills =
we=92re looking for=2C and I=92d rather know upfront which<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B=
 skills they=92re going to need help and training with. But honesty about w=
hat<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B you do and don=92t know=2C and a bit of personality wi=
ll carry you a long way.<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B We=92ll usually look at candidate=
s who just have some basic PHP and MySQL if<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B we think they=
=92re smart=2C and the right sort of people.<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=
=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B Of course=2C if you=92re going for a =
job with some multi-national=2C rather than a<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B small PHP de=
velopment house=2C your mileage will definitely vary...<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br=
>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B Cheers=2C<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B=
<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B A.<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>=
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ehalf Of Gavin Kimpson<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B Sent: 02 March 2009 11:31<br>&gt=3B=
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Interview Techniques<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>=
&gt=3B &gt=3B Hi guys=2C<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B=
<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B I am currently working as PHP Web Developer but I'm apply=
ing for PHP<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B developer roles nearer to Birmingham so I am g=
oing through the dreaded<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B interview process again.<br>&gt=
=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B I've had one =
so far which went ok but I just wondered what advice you guys<br>&gt=3B &gt=
=3B may have for interviews=2C or even things you've done/said in previous<=
br>&gt=3B &gt=3B interviews that you thought got you the job.<br>&gt=3B &gt=
=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B I just wondered real=
ly as you guys are the php gurus around here and every<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B lit=
tle thing helps and all that :)<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B=
 &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B Cheers :)<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B<br>&gt=3B &gt=3B ______=
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