[Phpwm] Venue searching (Holiday Express, Lionel St. Birmingham).

Alex Howells lists at howells.me
Tue Aug 18 22:11:39 UTC 2009


> Randomly, while walking back from the Shakespeare - which is probably of
> no use for non-social meetings due to the noise, I saw the Holiday
> Express (which is nearly next door) has a meeting room downstairs.
> Anyway, I've emailed them to see if they could/would charge less than
> £165 for a half day (their lowest rate) for the room.
> Anyone had any better ideas?

A lot of the BathCamp stuff is finding "friendly" venues like pubs with
*quiet* upstairs areas and convincing them to loan you them for the
night, either for free /or/ a negligible charge.

Obviously you buy food and drinks from the establishment.

Depends on the town I suppose but there are no shortage of places down
here which seem willing to do that, some of them even have presentation
apparatus like projectors for you to use.......


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