[Phpwm] mysql deployment

Jujhar Singh jujhar at medilinkwm.co.uk
Tue Aug 25 09:58:55 UTC 2009

Morning All,


I was wondering what best practice was for deployment of mysql


I'm currently working on a Zend Framework based application for the Sikh
community.  I'm working off two development machines: my windows laptop
at work and my windows laptop at home.  I'm checking code in/out of my
springloops (subversion) repository.  From there I'm deploying via
springloops FTP options to a staging linux account (mediatemple.com) and
will eventually deploy to the live account (haven't decided where yet).
It all works a treat and subversion keeps the code between the three
machines in sync.


What I'm really struggling with is finding a way to deploy and sync the
MySQL database between the machines/servers.  The database is 60M+ and
I'm struggling for ideas.  At the stage of development we're at there
are quite a few changes happening to the schema and content of the
database so I need to keep them synced until this stabalises.


Your help and insight is always appreciated.


Many thanks


Jujhar Singh

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