[Phpwm] Object Relational Mapping Frameworks

Daniel Davies email at danux.co.uk
Tue Feb 24 16:23:49 UTC 2009

Hi Gavin,

In my opinion the main two ORMs for PHP are Doctrine and Propel. Which
to use is purely a matter of personal choice as no doubt each will
perform differently depending on the scenario they're being used in.
Propel has you define an XML schema for your models, then it generates
the PHP code for you - its very friendly and the documentation is good.
Doctrine (I believe, but haven't used that much) works the other way, in
that you define your classes through PHP with methods like "hasColumn",
extending from the Doctrine code.

I personally prefer Propel, probably because I discovered it first and
just got used to its way of working, especially with Symfony.


Gavin Kimpson wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I am looking at open source ORM frameworks to use with PHP - I know
> ORM have pro's and con's but it is something I would prefer to use in
> my own opinion. 
> What ORM's do you guys use, and for what reasons do you think they
> perform better than other ORM's?
> Thanks in advance,
> Gav
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