[Phpwm] Non-Relational Databases

Rob Allen rob at akrabat.com
Tue Feb 24 21:21:42 UTC 2009

On 24/02/2009 16:25, Alex Mace wrote:
> Hello all,
> Has anyone played around with any of the non-relational databases that
> seem to be getting a bit trendy? I'm thinking of things like Apache
> CouchDB, Amazon SimpleDB, Google BigTable (part of the App Engine I
> believe?). I've only ever worked with or been taught about relational
> databases and I'm wondering what, if any, benefits these could give
> me. I've got an inkling that they're useful for storing and querying
> large amounts of arbitary data. Perhaps something thats useful for
> data mining?
> Thoughts?

I'm waiting for your PHPWM presentation on it :)



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