[Phpwm] Non-Relational Databases

Alex Mace alex at hollytree.co.uk
Wed Feb 25 13:54:48 UTC 2009

Haha, yes, I was thinking that myself really. MySQL is a RDBMS though :)

Having done a little more reading on it, it looks like they're useful  
for storing "things" with arbitrary meta data attached to them.  
Perhaps not quite what I was thinking might be useful, although I can  
see applications since a lot of these systems seem to be able break  
down queries and scan the data in a parallel fashion, which as far as  
I'm aware conventional RDBMS databases stuggle with.


On 25 Feb 2009, at 13:49, David Goodwin wrote:

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> Alex Mace wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> Has anyone played around with any of the non-relational databases  
>> that
>> seem to be getting a bit trendy? I'm thinking of things like Apache
>> CouchDB, Amazon SimpleDB, Google BigTable (part of the App Engine I
>> believe?). I've only ever worked with or been taught about relational
>> databases and I'm wondering what, if any, benefits these could give
>> me. I've got an inkling that they're useful for storing and querying
>> large amounts of arbitary data. Perhaps something thats useful for
>> data mining?
>> Thoughts?
> <cheeky-comment>
> Aren't most MySQL databases non-relational with their lack of foreign
> keys & constraints?
> </cheeky-comment>
> I did once look into an Object database (Ozone) for Java quite a few
> years ago, it was interesting enough, but you'd need to ensure your
> objects had appropriate accessor methods to (effectively) allow you to
> do appropriate "queries"... so we ended up sticking with PostgreSQL.
> A previous employer had a non-relational ISAM-based database, which we
> felt sucked big time (mainly because it didn't support SQL, so data
> retrieval was painful (i.e code based)). It is/was a legacy thing,
> rooted in 1980something.
> David.
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