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David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
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Alex Mace wrote:
> Hello all,
> Has anyone played around with any of the non-relational databases that  
> seem to be getting a bit trendy? I'm thinking of things like Apache  
> CouchDB, Amazon SimpleDB, Google BigTable (part of the App Engine I  
> believe?). I've only ever worked with or been taught about relational  
> databases and I'm wondering what, if any, benefits these could give  
> me. I've got an inkling that they're useful for storing and querying  
> large amounts of arbitary data. Perhaps something thats useful for  
> data mining?
> Thoughts?

Aren't most MySQL databases non-relational with their lack of foreign
keys & constraints?

I did once look into an Object database (Ozone) for Java quite a few
years ago, it was interesting enough, but you'd need to ensure your
objects had appropriate accessor methods to (effectively) allow you to
do appropriate "queries"... so we ended up sticking with PostgreSQL.

A previous employer had a non-relational ISAM-based database, which we
felt sucked big time (mainly because it didn't support SQL, so data
retrieval was painful (i.e code based)). It is/was a legacy thing,
rooted in 1980something.


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