[Phpwm] Email newsletter software/web-service(s)

Darren Beale public.darren.beale at siftware.co.uk
Mon Jan 5 18:06:51 UTC 2009

> I'm curious to know what email newsletter software / web-service(s)
> people use on this list.  I've used PHPlist - www.phplist.com - but
> wonder what other alternatives exist that are worth looking at.  (They
> don't necessarily have to be open-source.)

We use campaign monitor as our 2 lists are low volume, and only sent now and
again so the hosted/PAYG aspects are fine and affordable; for higher volume
I'm not so sure. Interface is good too.

List member Dave Holmes also mentioned his company's product on here
recently so that might be worth a look-see.


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