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I'm starting work on a brands website that will let registered users upload videos. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel so was planning to use Youtube as a backend to handle the upload and storage. Ideally the uploaded video will go to the brands Youtube channel (I don't want users to have to need to log-in to Youtube and the client wants to have ownership of the videos).

I'd seen sites like Speech Breaker (bit over a year old now) http://www.speechbreaker.co.uk/ which were publishing videos to one Youtube channel (which appeared to be using the PHP API). However from reading up on Youtube API documentation and terms & conditions it seems somewhat unclear if this is allowed anymore.

Does anyone know if this is possible? I'm currently researching alternatives, I'd prefer to use a existing video website API (can Google Video or Vimeo handle this?). Rolling our own solution is a possibility but we don't control the hosting environment so installation of custom video conversation software (FFMPEG, etc) could be problematic.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.


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