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Tim Cumming tim at cybacat.com
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I presume that by "Available to us small exchange plebs" Mike means high speed broadband is not available on his exchange. We are based in a rural location, our exchange is a little over a mile away and is situated in a small village, therefore our maximum speed rate is under 2Mb, but with Spitfire it has been pretty stable (after a little tinkering by Spitfire, which is why I say their support is pretty good). 

I would rather stick pins in my eyes than go with BT as a BB provider!!

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I use O2 broadband which is discounted as there is an O2 customer in the household (payg or contract counts). Comes in at £13/month for up to 20Mb (syncs at 14Mb reliably), the IP is not strictly fixed but hasn't changed in years and we use a fair bit of bandwidth (gaming and surfing / streaming at several PCs at once most evenings). I heard they use the Be infrastructure.


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