[Phpwm] Broadband recomendations

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Thu Jul 28 19:28:45 UTC 2011

Camilo Mesias wrote:
>> If the line to the exchange is CAPPED at 2Mb then that is what you should be
>> >  charged for? Not 8Mb rates which ALL the alternate providers quoted me.
> I thought you said this was because Sky were only paying BT for 2Mb,
> if so I'd hope other providers might be able to give you more than 2,
> maybe somewhere nearer the 8Mb rate (although, that's a maximum so
> you'd be more likely to get 4-6Mb.  - this is the most commonly
> misunderstood and complained about thing among broadband consumers).

Sky tell me that I'm getting the best the line can do while BT are telling me 
Sky are only CONTRACTING a 2Mb service from them! Someone is lying? I'll know 
when I can switch back to BT later this year!

The BT line is giving a reliable 6Mb most of the day peaking will into 7Mb over 
night so I would expect something similar from the second line since BT have 
confirmed that it is on the same trunk cable from the box just across the road. 
The attenuation figures are actually better for the sky line over the BT one so 
in theory performance should be better, not three or four times worse?

Just as an aside I was originally with 'globalnet' prior to ADSL and got a 
reasonable connection. When ADSL was first installed globalnet had trouble 
giving me 512Kb to the exchange, magically as soon as BT took over it jumped to 
2Mb. Unlikely to be a hardware probelm - I was still using the globalnet modem ;)

So who does control what service we get?

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