[Phpwm] Upcoming PHPWM talks - Looking for speakers

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Tue May 10 09:37:44 UTC 2011


Aside from me trying to arrange a PCI/DSS talk, I don't think we have any more talks planned or proposed....

So, if anyone would like to volunteer to talk to us about something web development related, you're more than welcome... 

For example, I'd be more than happy to see talks covering :

 * Javascript, 
 * Legal stuff (patents/contract law or whatever), 
 * Database related technologies (e.g. MySQL, NoSQLs, PostgreSQL etc), 
 * HTML5 / CSS3 
 * PHP Frameworks (ZF / Symfony / CodeIgnitor / xxxxxxx)
 * Successful (or not?) projects undertaken by members (e.g Here's how we did X, these are the challenges we faced etc etc)
 * Development practices / methodologies / version control (Git/Hg etc) / good practices / testing



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