[Phpwm] Full time front end developer or freelance?

Ed Hughes ed at hughesmedia.co.uk
Wed Sep 7 14:13:58 UTC 2011


Not directly PHP related, but it feels close enough to be able to ask.

Roles in our company have alays been pretty carefully delineated. Devs do PHP work and Designers do design, HTML and CSS. There are one or two cross overs with javascript, but it seems to work well.

We've always had in-house designers, people we can walk up to and talk to whenever we want. We're looking at our options for design work in the future (Photoshop, HTML and CSS). We could continue with in-house designers, or we could work solely with freelancers.

Does anyone have any relevant experience of using only freelance designers? What are the things to watch out for?

As usual, recruitment agencies please leave us well alone.



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