[Phpwm] 'remote' code coverage (phpunit/xdebug etc) ?

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Wed Feb 22 12:20:15 UTC 2012


For whatever reason I have some unit tests which are a bit like the following - they're there to ensure a JSON API works as expected.

class BlahblahTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase {

     public function setUp() {
          $this->http_client = new Zend_Http_Client();
          // etc.

     public function testSomeRandomParametersGoingIn() {
         $params = array('a' => 5, 'b' => 10, 'postcode' => 'b610dr');
         $response = $this->http_client->request();

         $json = $response->getBody();

         $this->assertEquals(sizeof($json['errors']), 0, "should be no errors etc");
          // and other assertions on the json response.


Where the some.where/blah/something.php exists within the current project / code base.

Has anyone come across any way of getting code coverage reports when I'm calling a URL? I.e. So I have some reports on code coverage within something.php.

I know it's possible with the Selenium PHPUnit extension, but I can't seem to find anything showing how it can/could be done using something like Zend_Http_Client rather than Selenium RC spawning a Firefox window and so on.



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