[Rustington] tomorrow's meeting

fhj at eldy.org fhj at eldy.org
Tue Apr 5 20:02:47 UTC 2011

Tomorrow the microsoft people may be coming as it is the first Wednesday of
the month.
I propose a quick run throug of Eldy and then a demo of how to make your
own Easter card using Scribus and perhaps Inkscape.
I never sent out Easter cards till now, but as I had a lot of 2nd class
stamps oer from Christmas, I went to town. Using an A4 sheet and printing
on both sides I made 2 4 face cards with images and text. It may be that
someone wants to do a counter demo using another program, they are welcome.
Any other topics are open for discussion. There may be beginners so please
be prepared to help.
I have heard of a new course for beginners but await he go ahead from the
Jim may have something to say or demonstrate, the floor is open to one and

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