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Hi Frank,

I shall be delighted to have some publicity - thanks. The 'phone number for
Angmering Community Centre is: 01903-773982 for those who are interested.
The beginners' course starts right at the beginning but the beginners' plus
course is a bit more detailed. I am planning some workshop sessions on
things like spreadsheets & image editing which I hope to have ready soon &
these will take place separately from the 5-part courses.

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> Dear Gavin,
> That sounds interesting, can I publicise it a bit? Some of the old group
> who met there may be interested. If you want me to keep quiet let me know
> before tomorrow mid day please.
> Frank
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> From: gavin gavin.stevens at eldy.org
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> Hi Frank,
> Glad you got to the moot. Thanks for your telephone message. The computer
> course I am running is at Angmering Community Centre in Bramley Green. I
> part way through a "beginners' plus" course & the next beginners' course
> scheduled to start on Thursday 5th May at 3.30pm. Although the laptops at
> the centre are running Windows 7, I am using free software for all of the
> training - & this will be the subject of my presentation to SLUG at the
> April moot. I have been using LibreOffice for word processing training &
> has proved to be a popular choice. I explain to the students that I don't
> want to exclude anyone by forcing them to buy MS Office when they may not
> have the money. 
> Best wishes,
> Gavin.
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