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I am forwarding this from a member of the Surrey LUG, and hoping that he doesn't mind!

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> [snip]

My groups:
> ========================
>  'Computing Libre'
> This group is for people who want to hear about, get support for, or
> just discuss, computing with 'libre' software. Libre software is
> software which is usually gratis, yet is legally licensed in a
> specific and open way to enable and encourage a community friendly
> sharing culture.
> It is worth noting that most ordinary 'free' software is encumbered
> with restrictions, including the restriction through secrecy of its
> contents. For four years, the UK Governments have been very keen to
> encourage use of 'Libre' software.
> Started 25 years ago 'Libre' (free) Software, not only survived, but
> has prospered against intense opposition to come to dominate many
> areas of computing.
> There is a lot of libre software for Windows, and a lot more for
> systems not running Windows. The Group will cater for both systems,
> Windows and non Windows. However, it is likely that more time will be
> spent on non Windows systems, such as Ubuntu, because it is more
> unusual, and has many advantages.
> The Group will be happy to welcome those with a passing interest or
> curiosity, also existing users. If you had been wondering about your
> old spare PC, then consider getting this group to work an
> Ubuntu 'miracle' on it, and be amazed!
> The  [Bracknell]  Group will meet in the LookIn Community Cafe in Bracknell
> town
> centre, at 1.30pm on the second Tuesday of each month.

Wow! Way to go, Alan!

Chuck in some hyperlinks to some further reading. A very convincing and
brief article.

Phillip B
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