[Rustington] subjects for meeting on 11th May

fhj at eldy.org fhj at eldy.org
Sun May 8 12:23:30 UTC 2011

I suggest several topics which may or may not be of interest!
1 How to publish a blog. This is something that I do and have done for a
while. Oftern my family read them and sometimes make comments! As Derek was
showing us a typing tutor last week, what I recommend is actually typing
snd even with 2 fingers you can get by!
2 Routers, what they are and what they do for you. How to use a sppare one
to make your very own local network and what it can do for you. I think
Colin is interested in this too.
3 web design and HTML. There are free servers available, generally your own
ISP will give you web space.
Otherwise please speak up and suggest a topic. I know that Bob woulkd
probably agree to a demo on photo improvement!
Still no news from Gavin and his talk, but we will be patient and wait for

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