[Rustington] Meeting on 12th September agenda!

frank james fhj1723 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 15:24:56 UTC 2012

It was agreed that we would discuss our group's future policy and plans in
view of the warning from the U3A Treasurer that we were using too much of
their financial resources.
So if you have an opinion or suggestion can you please  let us know either
by using the mailing list as David Arnstein has done, or come to the
meeting and speak your mind.
Just to let you know my personal feelings, whatever you suggest will be
given due consideration, but I am committed to carrying on with Linux in
the present location with or without U3A adherance. The LUG is as worldwide
as the U3A. The LUG aims are there on the internet so "He who has ears to
hear and eyes to see" make your choice please!
If we don't hear from you and you don't attend then we will assume that you
are not interested in continuing in the Rustington LUG. and will be removed
from the mailing list.
It is now the time to "Stand up and be Counted".
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