[Rustington] Meeting on 12th September agenda!

Martin Webb vobbelyvebb at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 17:01:26 UTC 2012

This post is a point of interest regards Frank's last email:

On the UK LUG it states..........................
"**LUGs are a local community of Linux users of all levels that gather to
share a broad spectrum of Linux information.*

*Both novice and experienced Linux users will find LUGs a useful arena to
debate and enquire personal experiences of Linux and indeed, pose those
questions they need answering."*

Well I feel that including Android is definitely 'on topic' , especially
since Google has agreed to come back to the Linux Community as from Android
4.1 !!!

I will concede that Unix may be a little of topic............

On 7 September 2012 16:27, frank james <fhj1723 at gmail.com> wrote:

> It was agreed that we would discuss our group's future policy and plans in
> view of the warning from the U3A Treasurer that we were using too much of
> their financial resources.
> So if you have an opinion or suggestion can you please  let us know either
> by using the mailing list as David Arnstein has done, or come to the
> meeting and speak your mind.
> Just to let you know my personal feelings, whatever you suggest will be
> given due consideration, but I am committed to carrying on with Linux in
> the present location with or without U3A adherance. The LUG is as worldwide
> as the U3A. The LUG aims are there on the internet so "He who has ears to
> hear and eyes to see" make your choice please!
> If we don't hear from you and you don't attend then we will assume that
> you are not interested in continuing in the Rustington LUG. and will be
> removed from the mailing list.
> It is now the time to "Stand up and be Counted".
> Frank
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