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Al Girling al at gcguk.demon.co.uk
Fri Aug 18 14:26:34 BST 2006

Paul Teasdale wrote:


> Shall we try for a meet on Monday 21st August then?

It's looking poor for this months meet.  I've had little chance to get
anything together.  It seems that the original idea for this meet has
gone down the pan too.  I've heard nothing from Paul or Ash about
bringing a machine and my contact at the Brooklyn Centre has been on
holiday for several weeks, so that's not going to happen this month
either.  Sorry!

I'm going to suggest that people gather at the Spotted Cow in Malton
again next week, if you'd like to do so then please feel free, but
it's very unlikely I'll be able to get to any date next week either.
Not that you need me to get together for a pint and a yarn. :) If you do
choose to meet up then please arrange it through this list so I can add
the necessary info to the website.  Thanks.

I think it's time we set a regular date - say the third Monday every
month.  How does this sound?

I'm sorry I've been unable to get the meeting organised as I'd hoped for
this month, but sometimes, well, the best laid plans...  I hope to do
better for Sept.

Toodle pip,


Al Girling

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