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Fintan Gaughan fgaughan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 13:55:40 BST 2006

No worries Al

Just pick  a date and we all either say yes or no.
I think its best to have fixed dates  and try to stick to it


On 18/08/06, Al Girling <al at gcguk.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> Paul Teasdale wrote:
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> > Shall we try for a meet on Monday 21st August then?
> It's looking poor for this months meet.  I've had little chance to get
> anything together.  It seems that the original idea for this meet has
> gone down the pan too.  I've heard nothing from Paul or Ash about
> bringing a machine and my contact at the Brooklyn Centre has been on
> holiday for several weeks, so that's not going to happen this month
> either.  Sorry!
> I'm going to suggest that people gather at the Spotted Cow in Malton
> again next week, if you'd like to do so then please feel free, but
> it's very unlikely I'll be able to get to any date next week either.
> Not that you need me to get together for a pint and a yarn. :) If you do
> choose to meet up then please arrange it through this list so I can add
> the necessary info to the website.  Thanks.
> I think it's time we set a regular date - say the third Monday every
> month.  How does this sound?
> I'm sorry I've been unable to get the meeting organised as I'd hoped for
> this month, but sometimes, well, the best laid plans...  I hope to do
> better for Sept.
> Toodle pip,
> Al
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