[Ryedale] Last Night's Meeting

Martin Wheldon mwheldon at googlemail.com
Tue May 20 09:56:40 BST 2008

I've come to accept that I can't spell, or communicate in proper
English and have givern up berating myself.

If you install ispell on your ubuntu / debian workstation it will
spell check your emails etc on the fly doesn't matter if you are using
a web based interface or a mail client such as thunderbird.

Another good reason for migrating to Tux...


On 5/20/08, Stephen O'Neill <squid at thefloatingfrog.co.uk> wrote:
> Paul Teasdale wrote:
> > That should be: "Don't feel too bad about not being first Steve". My
> English
> > is terrible!
> >
> Join the club, just berated myself after reading my first post too :)
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> Stephen O'Neill
> w: http://www.thefloatingfrog.co.uk/
> e: squid at thefloatingfrog.co.uk

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