[Ryedale] Last Nights meeting

Paul Teasdale pdt at ryetek.co.uk
Tue May 19 11:21:31 UTC 2009

Hi Martin,
> Good see you last night, seems like a long time since the last meeting.
> Particulary good to have found a venue with free wifi access,
> completly by accident.
Likewise. It was an interesting meeting. The venue was good except for the
small tables but the wifi was an excellent bonus.

> First time I have
> ever been remotely glad that the pub was closed - does this mean I
> have a problem????
Yes :)

> Great tip on the use of bbc iplayer Fintan, I'm hoping to have a play
> with that tonight after I've fixed
> my issues with the new Ubuntu Intrepid kernel :(
Thought it was Jaunty? Shows how much attention I was paying. I'll go and
stand in the corner for 30 minutes as a punsihment :)

Hopefully well try for another meeting next month and see how much interest
there is.


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