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Al Girling al at gcguk.demon.co.uk
Sat Feb 20 08:54:20 UTC 2010

On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 02:14:20PM GMT, DaveySpeedstar.com wrote:
> On 19 February 2010 12:15, Al Girling <al at gcguk.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> > Facebook:  I realise this will appear to flying in the face of the
> > earlier 'reducing your internet presence' piece, but several of us here
> > use Facebook and have signed up as friends.  While this wasn't discussed
> > at the meeting, I have been wondering if it might be worthwhile setting
> > up a LUG page within Facebook to give the group better publicity.
> Hull LUG has a FaceBook page, and it rarely (if ever) gets updated, as
> a result no updates = no traffic.  Of course if it was updated then
> things might be difficult, however it's another job tht has to be
> done/forgotten about, and FBook isn't the most user-friendly format to
> work with.

Hmm, I was thinking of a page that simply advertised our presence and
led to our web site and encouraged the use of this mailing list rather
than dividing the way the group communicates.

> However we use Identica and Twitter quite effectively.
> http://hulllug.org is built on WordPress, and there are plugins which
> alow for automatic identica and Twitter updates whenever the main site
> is updated.  In addition it's realtively easy to update the Twittter
> feed as things evolve on the forums.

At the risk of sounding like an old stick in the mud, I'm not sure these
technologies are that helpful either, though I'm sure some will point
out a year a go I was saying the same about Facebook and here I am
suggesting we create a page there.  I'd be very interested to hear what
other have to say on this.

> >It was because of the distances involved that I thought something like a
> >keysigning might make more of an event rather than just coming over for
> >a pint and a yarn.
> We were thinking of putting a bit of an event together sometime this
> year, A couple of us had an idea of putting together some sort of
> event to bring together Linux and FlOSS people from around the region
> - and the Key Signing seems an ideal sort of thing that could be done
> there.

Sounds interesting, I'll keep an eye on your forum, but feel free to
post info here.  I'm sure a key signing could be incorporated into most
types of event.

> Your your mapping experiences would be interesting to hear about - I
> heard Andy Robinson of OpenStreetmap.org talk about it at LugRadioLive
> last year, and some from Hull LUG went out the following day to map
> bits of Wolverhampton as part of Oggcamp!

The OSM is a great project, though not without it's flaws.  Hull is
fairly complete though, so unless Hull LUG is prepared to travel
reasonable distances then your members will find few areas to map.

Thanks for your input Dave, I'm looking forward to meeting up with you
sometime in the future.

Toodle pip,


Alistair Girling

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