[sclug] LUG Meeting

Matt matt at bodgit-n-scarper.com
Thu Dec 11 21:21:29 UTC 2003

* Ian Michell <ian.michell at hanzi.co.uk> [2003-12-11 20:47:07]:
> Thought the LUG meeting was great, I am glad I attended it. I really
> enjoyed our uh heated debate about the CDRW stuff, which brings me to my
> next question/ proposal.
> I have started toying around with the idea of creating a GTK (GTKMM)
> based cdrecord front end. As a fanatic GNOME user I thought it would be
> the perfect chance to play more with GTK/GTKMM and at the same time do
> the OSS community a favour, it will be a plugin based program so in
> theory it will allow a developer to either script (something to debate
> about), program a plugin.

No offence, but aren't there a multitude of frontends for cdrecord
already? In particular for GNOME I can think of gcombust and
gnome-toaster, and a plethora for other environments.

Perhaps help one of them instead?

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