[sclug] a couple of Mutt questions

Simon Heywood simon at triv.org.uk
Fri Dec 12 10:07:49 UTC 2003

As you may know, I've been learning about Mutt recently. Using bits
nabbed from t'other Simon's config. file I've set up some additional
folders for various mailing lists, procmail being used as a delivery
agent. Now there are a couple of things I haven't managed to find out;
perhaps one of you will know the answer(s).

(i) Since adding `sclug' to the list of mailing lists that Mutt is aware
of, the list reply functions work, but in the index view all messages to
the list are displayed as `To sclug at sclug.org.uk' or `Cc
sclug at sclug.org.uk' rather than as the contents of the `From:' line. Is
there a reason for this? And is it trivial to reverse the change while
maintaining the mailing list capability.

(ii) I've previously used Pine to read e-mail, which has a feature
allowing you to tab through all incoming mail folders until you reach
the next message marked as new. Does Mutt have anything similar?

FYI I'm using the Mutt out of Debian Stable (1.3.28-2.2, --version gives

Next project: investigate VIM.


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