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> Happy New Year to you all.
Happy New Andrew 
As an amateur I cannot offer much knowledge. However..
>   c.. Here's a good example. Has anyone managed to get the scanner going on the HP 
> PSC 750 all-in-one lump, preferably using SuSE 8.2?

Why SuSE (Other than that they are the lead commercial distro in Europe
at least)? My first attempt at Linux was with SuSE but the help period
expired before I could get to the bottom of my troubles (was faulty
hardware that Windows was kludging around). Their help was limited to
about one email reply a day and did not include getting a scanner
running. If you are prepared to pay for support, Mandrake might be a
better option. I see that Keith suggests Gentoo for an enthusiastic
support network; I was always put off by its "from scratch" reputation.

I never did get my scanner running in Linux BUT..
if you would rather run a Debian based distro and have the benefit of a
friendly mailing list (sign up at www.libranet.com) as well, I have the
2CDs of their 2.8 release and as I never installed it it ought to be
possible for you to inherit the up-and-running support (as it is not
time limited but on an on and off basis), but I would have to check
this. I did get a bit of support from Tal (one of the brothers who are
the developers behind it) but the obvious way out was to install the
newer version (2.8 which can be upgraded to 2.8.1), which I did not have
time for. Let me know if you want the CDs (of course you could download
the version available at the web site with your broadband).

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