[sclug] GNU on Quirky Architecture

erik.chakravarty at accenture.com erik.chakravarty at accenture.com
Mon Apr 26 15:19:41 UTC 2004

Having looked some options, and been quoted a ridiculous ?300 for a 1985 MicroVAX II (1MB of RAM in a tank basically...)

Methinks an Indy would be a good option. Looks sexy, prices around ?150 for an R5000 (150MHz, 96MB RAM 4GB HDD), and from what I read it's pretty well built.

Thanks for your help (if you know any good sources for 2nd hand Indys please let me know!)


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* erik.chakravarty at accenture.com <erik.chakravarty at accenture.com> [2004-04-26 12:21:20]:
> Derek -> Unfortunately that guy stocks only Sun, HP, SGI and IBM. Some 
> interesting kit up for grabs on that site though.

Does it have to be DEC flavour? (Not that I'm complaining mind), but select machines from any of those groups will run Linux, Sun and even HP kit will run Linux nicely, for SGI's, an Indy is your best bet, and I'm not sure of the state of IBM RS/6000's, if that's indeed what they are.

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