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Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Fri Aug 27 23:26:41 UTC 2004

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Will Dickson wrote:

| I recently acquired an old SPARC (thanks, Alan P :-)

| After a looooong install process I've got Solaris 9 on it.

I found the requirement for a 4GB SCSI disk was a little annoying when I
installed Solaris 9 at home on a SPARC.

| Now, it's not an entirely fair test (the SPARC is hugely less powerful
| than my x86 box, and Sol 9 has very recently been replaced by Sol 10)
| but if the Solaris desktop guys aren't scared of penguins, they ought to
| be. (Solaris may well still be better on big iron OTOH.)

That is completely unfair. Solaris runs like a dog on my SPARCstation
(but it does run and it can just about play mp3 files without skipping)
but it is running on much older hardware and I just accept that is that.
However I do get annoyed with Sun that there is no GNU/Linux SMC[0].

| Oh yeah, and Sun? Giving me Solaris on the grounds that I'm a developer
| is a cool thing to do, and displays an insightful enlightened
| self-interest. But then trying to sting me for $995 (!!?!) for the C
| compiler so that I can actually *do* some development... isn't. And
| doesn't. And since there's this little thing called GCC, I'm afraid your
| scam isn't going to work, either. Nice try.

The Sun compiler is probably ok if you like that sort of thing. I prefer
using gcc and most other folks seem to agree.



[0] Sun Management Console. Explicit evidence in the campaign to improve
the efficiency of many Java programs in general.
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