[sclug] Audio stream recording.

Leon Ward leon at countersnipe.com
Thu Oct 14 09:04:38 UTC 2004

Morning all,

Someone at the meet last night was looking for software that could
connect to audio-streams and save them locally, see below.



icecream is a non-interactive stream download utility.
 It connects to icecast and shoutcast servers and redirects all fetched
content to an stdin-capable player or to media files on your disk. With
an option turned on, it can save the stream into different files, each
representing the played track. It is also possible to tee the input to
both disk and stdout.

Package: streamripper
Description: download online streams into mp3 files
 This command-line Tool can be used to record SHOUTcast
 Radio-Streams. It seperates the Tracks by Title and
 encodes them on the fly to mp3 Files.

Package: mimms

Description: MMS (mms://) streaming media download utility
 MiMMS, formerly called "mmsclient", is a simple client to download
 streaming audio and/or video media from the internet using the MMS
 protocol (i.e. from mms:// type URLs, generally found in asx files).
 Downloaded streams can then be replayed offline at your leisure,
 using any compatible media player of your choice.

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