[sclug] RE: Linux Day + other plans (Simon Huggins)

Malcolm Napier 14cc malcolm.napier at 14cc.com
Wed Oct 13 07:50:51 UTC 2004

> So maybe if we can steal the venue again we could get something like
> that happening or even alternate non-pub meetings a few short (say 20
> minute) talks on various subjects and then a "linux day" style event.
> Maybe do one talks event in a couple of months, then a linux day style
> thing a couple of months later etc?

Firstly, Thanks to everyone who organised the event and especiall to Simon
(Huggins). I was one of the people that you talked to (and helped - both
practically and in terms of thinking about where I go with Linux over the
next few months).

Although I am not averse to having a beer down the pub, I found the format
of Saturday's session much more useful because it was practical. I would be
a supporter of the kinds of events that Simon proposes - both "mini-Linux
days" and masterclasses. My company's offices are in the Reading Enterprise
Hub (on Reading University campus, near the Earley Gate). We have Broadband
and conference/meeting facilities. I was going to enquire about how easy it
would be for us to host meetings. I suspect that building security will be
the main issue as Reception/Security is unmanned after 18:00h and alarms are
set in various parts of the building. They have opened it up for other
evening events though.

I live on the Slough side of Maidenhead. I would also be a keen supporter of
a local meeting in the Slough/Windsor/Maidenhead area if there was enough
interest. I watched the discussion on this topic a few weeks/months ago with
interest but it seemed to fizzle out. If there is enough interest I am
prepared to look for a suitable venue.


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