[sclug] Network card

Graham Swallow lists at Information-Cascade.co.uk
Mon Apr 11 14:34:41 UTC 2005

> Hi all,
> My processor fan is really loud. Is there anywhere I should consider
> getting a (cheap) replacement heatsink+fan pack, other than Maplin or
> PcWorld.
> I live in between Reading and Newbury, so preferably a place in
> central/west Reading or Newbury would be ideal.

Cheap fans arent quiet.

I've got one of those copper-flower heat-sink.
Its mostly OK, but the fan is at the end of its clamp arm,
so its vibrations arent damped (the fan end isnt held by the case or MB).
A bit of rolled up card-board made a difference (but ..)

Its average for cooling at low RPM in winter, (which is good I suppose),
louder at higher rpm, and I'm moving room for the summer.
Not silent, but a lot better than the 'volcano' (clue in the name?)

www.gsquared.co.uk has a selection of most things, but prices are urban.
If you do find it (north of Safeway, north of Makro, left, right on the bend),  their
neighbour sells concrete water-proofing, which is hard to find and useful.
You can also try B+Q, (for the NIC!) they sell the bits of a kit
to network up a building.

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