[sclug] Bulldog Broadband

Hamlesh Motah admin at hamlesh.com
Tue Apr 12 00:49:51 UTC 2005

I used to swear by bulldog, however since being taken over their
customer service has really fallen, and they are too expensive to be

Stuff that shouldn't really go wrong went wrong, like continually
mischarging me, debiting my account 4 times a month for the monthly
rental, all sorts of stupid stuff.

referrercode=HAMLESH) are the best ADSL provider out their at present
(IMO of course).  Static Ips are standard (you don't have to pay a fiver
a month for the priviledge).  Their tech guys are really nice and know
what they are doing, I got a /8 off of them for free, they even setup
the PTR for you if you ask!

They are having a free setup and free modem promotion at present too.


Hamlesh Motah.

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: Is anyone using Bulldog [1]?  Any comments on their service 
: (reliability / outages / support / linux friendliness etc)?
: I'd like to switch to a higher speed ADSL connection and 
: these guys seem to offer a static IP address and permit all 
: traffic to the router (not filtered at their end) which is 
: what I currently have and need to keep so I can continue to 
: run the servers I run now.
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: [1] http://www.bulldogbroadband.com/index.asp
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