[sclug] RAID & LVM2 - again!

Alex Butcher lug at assursys.co.uk
Thu Apr 14 09:52:31 UTC 2005

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005, Chris Aitken wrote:

> A follow on from last night:
> 2 x 73 Gb disks, RAID-1.
> Each disk looks like this:
> Sda1	Boot	Primary	Linux raid autodetect	5116.13
> Sda2		Primary	Linux raid autodetect	1019.94
> Sda5		Logical	Linux raid autodetect	57025.87
> Sda4		Primary	Linux raid autodetect	10240.48
> Each partition is RAID'd with the matching partition from /dev/sdb:

Very similar to my setup here. The only tweak is that I have a single RAID1
(mirror) set for stuff that matters (/home, /var/spool/mail, /var/lib/rpm
etc.) and a single RAID0 (stripe) set for stuff that doesn't really matter
so much (/tmp etc.) because I'm happy to trade off availability for storage
space. YMMV.

I did at one point have / and /boot on a RAID1 mirror set, but now I do a
manual file copy from one to the other periodically, in case I do something
stupid and want to revert to a bootable - if older - snapshot. Again, YMMV.

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