[sclug] Minutes well what I remember anyway

Daniel Lower daniel_lower at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 14 11:39:53 UTC 2005


We talked about lots folks here is what I remember:

Notes on Meeting

Topics of Discussion

- RAID very briefly hardware and software
- Andrew Tridgell and Linus T Debate I'm not opening that can again.
- MOD_IP that's a company module not yet public and IP address
- Domains .tv .cl Toms avnet.co.uk bbc.tv and conditions
- Trademarks and Domains BBC owning 2.4children?
- Why is Land not like Domains?

- Mutt http://www.mutt.org/ and 
	- Simon reads his news using threading built in nntp reader
	- Also have tin which is a nice news reader http://www.tin.org/

	- Threading
	- On the move again new versions
	- Merged alot of patches from Debian
	- Perl built in now leading too
	- Someone would like a GUI for editing mutt options

- VIM and perl and packages not been typically complete.

- PIPEX and ludicrous pricing ?450 for 10 mail boxes 
	and smtp ports 25 problems and iptables and ipfilters

- Cars and missing VINs howdid we get onto that?
- Cars and GPS Toms story of getting his GPS fixed on his rental

- DELL and fixing hard drive fault and call system from hell forget
	notable by having a fix named "Corrider"

Later in the evening
- LINX browser again
- LVM and Hp/UX and Linux
	is pvcreate /dev/hda on Linux possible
	- Software RAID and booting and grub awarness /dev/md0
- Software RAID
	- Different volume sizes possible just mirror the smallest ones
partitions table.

Apologies for anything I missed.

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