[sclug] Netvigator - Anyone using it.

Luke Hinds lukehinds at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 19:13:36 UTC 2005

Hey *,

Is anyone using netvigator wireless broadband.

I just ordered it on Monday here are my thoughts:

No 12 month commitment - perfect for me as my house lease runs in 5 months 
(to add i can't face giving BT ?120 for a line installation and 12 mth 

Modem was dropped off the same day by a sales rep - That impressed me.

I ordered a 512kb service.

Took serveral minutes to set up a PPPOE connection within my router.

Burned off a debian net install:

Oh crikey this is poor:

I am getting 433b down off ftp.uk.debian.org

Sometimes it jumps up to 19kb but tends to hang around at 1kb -  9kb.

This means its now going to take me 5d 3h23m to pull off Gnome.

To verify it was not the site having problems I got a s-shell up on one of 
my work pc's which sat happy at 80kb.

I am glad my first month is only a trial - Going to have to go back to using 
a 3G sim at this rate.

Is anyone else using this service (if you can call it a service) and has any 
tips on tweaking up the connection??

Yours peeved,


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