[sclug] Toy web-server?

Will Dickson wrd at glaurung.demon.co.uk
Tue Apr 19 00:04:17 UTC 2005

Hi all,

Due to various losses which Samba has suddenly decided to inflict on me 
(Ghod knows what's going on, it's probably my fault somehow, but I 
haven't got time to get to the bottom of it and I really can't be 
bothered, frankly) I'm looking for a trivial web-server package which 
can do the following:

- accept incoming connections from a LAN.
- serve bog-standard web content (html, CSS, a few pngs etc.) from a 
single directory on my HDD, ie. "chroot jail".
- treat symlinks in that directory as though they were the thing linked 
to, ie. ignore the fact that they're actually symlinks.
- smallish footprint an advantage.

That's it really. In particular, I don't want or need any of the following:

- any security whatsoever, apart from that provided by file permissions 
and the chroot jail (ie. I run the server daemon as user foo, it will 
serve anything foo can read which is accessible from within the chroot jail)
- at a pinch, omit the "apart from..." qualifier from the statement above
- extensibility
- clever configurational stuff
- ability to cope with lots of traffic
- CGI, servlets, SSI, PHP...

Clearly Apache could do this in its sleep, but it seems like a 
piledriver to crack a nut, and probably I'd have to go without quite a 
lot of same in order to learn how to set it up :-(

Can anyone point me at a package which might suit?



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