[sclug] Hardware for sale...

Taiyo Rawle taiyo_rawle at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Apr 24 15:31:56 UTC 2005

Hi everyone...

I have an old Compaq Proliant 1850R rackmount server
that I no longer need, and wondered wether anyone here
might have a use for it. I've been using it as a
linux-based audio streaming/recording box or a while,
and it has proved very reliable. Here's the specs:

3U rackmount case
Four card slots, three PCI and one PCI/ISA shared, all
on a riser card.
1x 550MHz PIII (Katmai) processor fitted, dual
capable, mobo can take up to 650MHz.
384MB RAM fitted as one 128MB and one 256MB sticks,
takes 168pin ECC registered PC100 SDRAM sticks, two
spare slots.
3x 18.2GB SCSI hard drives fitted in a new-style
four-drive hot-swap bay (empty caddy used as a blank
for the unused bay) all on a SmartArray 221
controller, currently configured as one RAID-5 array.
2x 10/100 ethernet ports, one on the mobo (tlan) and
the other on a PCI slot (eepro100)
Original slimline CDROM fitted
Dual hotswap PSUs, both fitted and working
mobo has onboard SCSI, two internal connectors, one
external, onboard ATI graphics and standard
parallel/serial/PS2 mouse and kayboard connectors
Creative SB16PCI soundcard fitted
Space for one DLT drive or two 5.25" drives with
mounting rails.
Tux badge pre-installed ;?)

No signs of immanent faliure (no drives/fans make
angry noises, no weird error messages, etc...)

It'll be supplied with two mains leads, two spare
VRMs, a copy of SmartStart 5.50 and a spare
four-device 68pin terminated internal SCSI cable. 

?200 but open to offers...

For collection by appointment from Wells Hall, Upper
Redlands Road, Reading, RG1 5JF. Contact me on
07719608254 or at taiyo_rawle at yahoo.co.uk if you're

I also have a Belkin OmniCube F1D092 two-port
emulating KVM switch with two KVM cable harnesses and
a mains adaptor for ?10.


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