[sclug] DHCP and DNS

Matt matt at bodgit-n-scarper.com
Mon Apr 25 00:56:11 UTC 2005

* Will Dickson <wrd at glaurung.demon.co.uk> [2005-04-25 01:39:44]:
> The problem is that my LAN hosts provide various services to each other, 
> so they need to be able to resolve each other's names. I assumed 
> (without, I confess, having really thought it through) that the DHCP 
> server would wave some kind of magic wand and make this work. However, 
> it doesn't.
> There seem to be two possibilities here: a) this ought to work, and I've 
> cocked up somewhere; b) I'm asking for the moon on a stick, and if I 
> want this to happen I'm going to have to put in some actual effort.
> Can anybody tell me which of these is closer to the truth?

You need to investigate Dynamic DNS. You can configure ISC dhcpd to send
updates to a running BIND named so when a client gets a lease, their
hostname goes into the DNS zone, etc. In some cases you can get the
client machines to update the DNS instead/as well, but I'd question how
clever that is in some cases...

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