[sclug] Display graphical desktop session of remote machine?

John Stumbles john at stumbles.org.uk
Mon Apr 25 19:40:05 UTC 2005

Tony Sumner wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 24, 2005 at 01:55:25AM +0100, John Stumbles wrote:
>>I have SuSE with KDE running on this machine, and ubuntu with gnome on 
>>my other box. 
> That sounds an awkward combination.
> Wouldn't this be easier if you were running KDE on both? 

I'm actually glad to have a system I can get a feel for gnome on, since 
I don't have much experience of it (and my previous experience, with 
Sarge IIRC, was of something so chaotic it put me off). I find there's 
always a tension between tweaking what I'm familiar with to make it more 
usable versus plunging into something new and difficult but possibly 
more rewarding in the long term. Last time it was Win2K v. SuSE/kde, and 
I'm glad I persevered, so I'm trying to remind myself that there may be 
other rewards for preseverence to be had :-)

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